Assignment 960.


1. Priority Action Statement with Supporting Evidence

-Action statement: The residents at Phoenix Residential Society are at risk for depression related to loneliness and social isolation due to pandemic restrictions and lack of information about ways to stay socially connected through distance (1 page max)

Utilize the health impact assessment framework to write this portion. Not all questions need to be answered. Its just a guide. application to research/supporting evidence/References need to be used for this portion as well.

Health Impact Assessment Framework

• What is the most pressing need/most concerning to community? lack of social contact due to covid 19

o Concern related to groups with inequitable access to Determinants of Health and have low capacity to act?

o How many people are affected? 40 residents

o How severe is the threat to health? risk for depression

• Are there resources adequate to deal with the concern? many residents hve their own phone/laptop. organization also has 8b tablets for residents to use

o People, supplies, funds to act?

3. Can the concern be best addressed by a health promotion intervention or other means?

o Is there potential to build capacity in the community?

4. Are effective intervention strategies available to address the problem?

o Evidence based strategies, theories or practices that could address the concern?

o Does the action fit with the mandate of the organization

o Would another organization or government office be better suited to address the concern?

5. Can the concern be addressed in a reasonable amount of time?

We conducted phone call interviews to determine what the greatest health risk was with the residents (depression related to loneliness and social isolation)

2.Health Promotion Goal and Strategy-Based Interventions:

Identify the overall project goal = Health Promotion Goal: The residents at Phoenix Residential Society will learn and implement strategies to stay socially connected through distance to reduce risk for loneliness and social isolation

Discuss the rationale for the specific strategies and interventions that have been chosen to meet this goal through the application of the Population Health Promotion Model. Provide supportive evidence for the goal, intervention(s) and subsequent strategies using data collection results, course theory, and current scholarly resources. (3 pages max)

Strategies and Interventions:

• Health education about how lack of social interaction can have an effect on one’s mental and physical health

• Provide resources for how one can stay connected with others through electronic devices

• Provide education about how to use electronic devices to stay connected with others

Population Health Promotion Model – how do we make the healthiest choice the easiest choice?

• Removing or reducing the barriers that make it harder for some people to be healthy than it is for others

• Goes beyond handing someone a pamphlet on healthy choices or teaching personal skills. Building capacity involves helping people recognize the strengths and abilities they already possess that will move them toward their health goals

• Focuses on creating that conditions that support healthy choices

• Address both ‘risk factors’ and ‘risk conditions’ in programming

Risk Factors vs Risk conditions: what is the difference?

• Risk Factors

o individual behavior patterns which predispose people to poorer health.

o ie) injection drug use, smoking

• Risk Conditions

o circumstances, over which people have little or no control, which affect health status.

o ie) deprived neighborhood where the housing is substandard, there are few recreational facilities, community spirit is weak and there are feelings of danger and insecurity.

o usually a result of public policy and are modified through collective action and social reform.

All references must be within 5 years and preferably Canadian but not necessary if they are not.

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Assignment 960