Assignment 1075.

To be assessed for this competency, you must demonstrate your ability to:
• Gather information about procedures, methods and equipment requirements for workplace communication, with the assistance of others
• Use appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills to seek and convey information in face-to-face situations
• Draft routine written documents within designated timeframes and check that the documents meet organisational requirements.
The following Assessment Tasks must be completed by you to enable you to demonstrate these skills.
These must be conducted:
Using the simulated business Bounce Fitness
In your own workplace if you can access all the documents and conduct all the activities.
If you are using your own business, simply replace references to Bounce Fitness
with the name of your organization.
Ensure that you gain the approval of your choice with your Assessor before commencing.
The documents you will require if you are using the simulated business Bounce
Fitness can be found on the Bounce Fitness website:
• People tab / Hierarchal Structure
• Procedures tab / Administrative Procedures / Style Guide

Task 1 Theory: Short Answer Questions

This task requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the theory behind innovation. To enable you to do this, you must answer the following questions.

Define the term innovation.

Describe different types of innovation.


What are the benefits of innovation?


Discuss how team characteristics contribute to team innovation?


Discuss how the role of group dynamics contributes to team innovation?

How do broader (external) environmental factors contribute to team innovation?


How does allocation of time and activities encourage or discourage innovation in a team?

How does modelling behavior encourage or discourage innovation in a team?

How do rewards and recognition encourage or discourage innovation in a team?

How do communications encourage or discourage innovation in a team?

How does feedback encourage or discourage innovation in a team?

Task 2 Practical: Opportunities to Maximise Innovation in a Team

This task requires you to work with others to create opportunities to maximize innovation within the team. To achieve this, as a group, you must agree on some aspect of your training that you feel could be improved and work with this for all the group discussions.
You must use idea-generating tools appropriately at each step to improve creativity.
Before you commence, read the following points that you must address to complete the assessment. You may want to make notes.
As a group and without involving the Assessor (who will be observing but not participating) discuss with the group what ideas everyone must change and improve the training.

With the group, discuss what the team needs and wants to achieve? Come to an agreement on a final list of options explaining how these will improve the training.

Consider the skills and abilities of each member of the group. Without identifying individuals discuss the strengths that have been brought to the discussion? How can you use these individual strengths to develop as a more innovative team?

What behaviors are not present that could increase the ability of this group to be innovative and build more on the ideas of others?

Task 2 – Assessor Evidence Record

Did the Learner:
Encourage behaviors that were not present that could increase the ability of this group to be innovative and build more on the ideas of others?
Discuss the different ways that people could contribute to building or enhancing the team?
Work with the group to reach a consensus view and then abide by that consensus; work with others to finish the Task; compromise; complete own assigned tasks and do not intrude on others’ tasks?
Prepare and actively participate and contribute?
Listen to others’ ideas, remains open to new ideas and include others in the discussion?
Demonstrate has good time management skills and stay focused in the meeting?

Task 3 Practical: Organise and Agree on Effective Ways of Working

3 This task requires that you demonstrate ways of gaining agreement and making the group more effective. Before you commence the next group discussion, think about how the discussion could have been more successful.

3a. Make a list of ground rules that you feel would be most beneficial to successful team discussion when trying to generate innovative ideas.

3b. How did the group agree and establish the rules that would be used? Do you agree that the best options were included in the list?

3c. As a group, you must now generate ideas and a plan to achieve change and improvements to training.

3d. As a group, plan and schedule activities to allow time for discussion of these ideas, challenging the ideas and collaborating on these ideas over the next couple of days.

Task 4 Practical: Prepare a policy document

4 This task requires you to support and guide your colleagues. Before you commence the next group discussion, think about how you could ‘’model behavior’’ that supports innovation and bring new ideas to the discussion.

4a. What did you decide to do to model your behavior to support innovation when making team-based decisions? Were you able to consistently act in this way?

4b. How were ideas from external sources brought in to stimulate team activities?

4c. Did all participants in the group bring some new ideas and share eagerly? If not, how could you have encouraged the sharing?

4d. Please consider the following points:
How were ideas challenged and tested?
Was this done in a positive way?
How could you have encouraged more positive feedback and idea generation building on those ideas that were not considered the best?

Task 5 Practical: Reflect on how the team worked

5. This task requires you to reflect on the discussions and behaviors and how it has enhanced innovation. Re-convene the group for a final discussion. The Assessor will participate this time providing the group with feedback on the discussions.

5a. Think about the group discussion and discuss whether you believe the activities generated opportunities for improvement and innovation.


5b. What feedback will you take into consideration for future team-based innovation?

5c. What were some of the challenges of being innovative in a constructive and open way?

5d. Take all the ideas that you have gained through your personal reflection and the feedback that you received and discuss these with your group.

5e. How you would promote and celebrate the successes of team-based innovation?

Performance Criteria Mapping
Assessment Activity PC Mapping
Satisfactory / Not Satisfactory

Task 1 – Theory: Short Answer Questions
KE 1, 2, 6
Choose an item.
Task 2 – Practical: Create Opportunities to Maximize Innovation within the Team
1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4
Choose an item.
Task 3 – Practical: Organize and Agree Effective 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and
Choose an item.
Ways of Working 2.5

Task 4 – Practical: Support and Guide Colleagues 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and
Choose an item.
Task 5 – Practical: Reflect on How the Team 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and
Choose an item.
Worked 4.5


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Assignment 1075